Turning a Job into a Career: Audrey’s Journey as an Office Manager

Audrey Stevens has three decades of office management experience, but it wasn’t until she joined Tessenderlo Kerley that a job became a career.

“I was looking to join a company that I could eventually retire from,” said Audrey, who has served as the office manager at Tessenderlo Kerley’s terminal in Michaud, Idaho for 13 years. “I really appreciate the tremendous amount of support that we get from the company, not only to do our job, but also in our personal lives, including some of the benefits that they offer. That’s something very valuable to me.”

Audrey might have been destined for a career in the agricultural industry, as her father was a third-generation farmer. “I spent a lot of my childhood on the family farm where some of my favorite memories were made,” she said. “Also, my daughter has been able to experience some of the things I enjoyed as a child, as her father farms, as well.”

Audrey provides crucial support at the Michaud facility, including assisting truck drivers who deliver important crop nutrition and protection products for growers, and communicating with team members on upcoming deadlines and events. She also helps guide Michaud’s community outreach efforts, including with the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, where the facility is located. 

“There are so many aspects to my role. It’s very interesting and it keeps you on your toes,” she said. “The guys at the plant are all great to work with, and what I appreciate is we all feel like family.”

Audrey has gained a wealth of knowledge during her time at Tessenderlo Kerley, but like everyone, she still encounters situations that require extra support or guidance. But she knows that help is always a phone call away.

“I really enjoy coming to work knowing there’s a full support system in place,” she said. “You feel like you know it all, but you don’t always. I know in the background that there’s always the support.”

Tessenderlo Kerley has also invested in ongoing training and informational sessions with its office managers across the country. That includes the annual Office Manager Meeting at the corporate office in Phoenix, where Audrey and the office managers engaged in team-building exercises, shared ideas and learned from one another.

“All the different departments came in, and they’ve taught us a lot of new things. You can tell they value everyone’s opinion,” Audrey said. “They ask for feedback on any kind of ideas where we can try to make things better for the entire company.”

Audrey encourages those looking to turn a job into a career and assist in Tessenderlo Kerley’s mission to nurture and enhance life to consider applying. She said it’s one of the best decisions she ever made.

“Everybody’s so kind and helpful, and that really makes my job easier,” she said. “It’s been very rewarding to me, and it doesn’t matter which position you’re in; they make you feel like family.”