TKI Sustainability

Sustainability: Our Commitment to Stewardship

While other companies have just recently embraced green initiatives, sustainability has been our guiding force from the beginning. Simply put, it is built into our DNA.

Shortly after World War II, the Kerley brothers founded our company by building a sulfur recovery plant next to a natural gas plant in West Texas. That partnership has led to a 99.9985% efficiency in removing sulfur, one of our world’s most vital elements, from incoming refinery streams. This allows us to upcycle sulfur to produce critical, sustainable products that nurture and enhance life.

The cornerstone of Tessenderlo Kerley’s business philosophy is the same as it always has been: to produce environmentally conscious products while exceeding safety and environmental standards, ensuring our products protect our communities, customers and employees.

At our facilities across America, we constantly look for ways to lower our environmental impact while investing in green energy and water conservation projects, and increasing operating efficiency by utilizing recycled and lower-impact raw materials in our finished products.

Stewardship isn’t what we do; it’s who we are. From agriculture and mining, to food processing and water treatment, product stewardship is integrated into every aspect of our business.

Our crop nutrition products at Crop Vitality help ensure healthy, delicious crops from the farm to the dinner table. They include non-hazardous, pH-neutral, water-clear liquids that provide readily available plant nutrition with significant environmental benefits, including water efficiency, reducing nitrogen losses and strengthening crop drought resistance.

NovaSource’s line of crop protection offerings include naturally sourced sun protection products, an organic fungicide, and a variety of pesticides and herbicides, providing the safeguards growers need to deliver the highest quality crops, and ensuring everyone has access to food at prices they can afford.

Products at moleko, our industrial division, are utilized in mining and water treatment applications, which replace more hazardous chemicals and may lower our customers’ application safety and environmental risks.

Responsible care

Responsible Care

Innovation and conservation were among the Kerley brothers’ guiding principles, and those principles continue to guide us in everything we do.

We work to continuously improve our health, safety and environmental performance, and communicate effectively about our products and processes. This commitment is translated into policy principles and guidelines for the protection of the environment, as well as health and safety in production and distribution.

Tessenderlo Group, the parent company of Tessenderlo Kerley, considers safe and low environmental impact production to be a fundamental requirement of its industrial activities. That’s why we’ve endorsed the principles of Responsible Care, the chemical industry’s global voluntary initiative.

Our steadfast commitment to our customers is one of our core values. With our focus on specialty and sustainable sulfur solutions, we are proud to support so many essential industries, as we continue to help pave the way to the sustainable future.  Go here for more information.

Sustainable Solutions

Responding to a World Hungry for Sustainable Solutions

The world’s population is expected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050. A global technology boom in agriculture is increasing efficiencies in water use and demand for high efficiency liquid fertilizers and effective crop protection. Crop Vitality and NovaSource products deliver demonstrated value to growers who need to maintain financially successful farms on the same land that has belonged to families for generations.  

Farmers are still the best stewards of the environment and the most vigilant conservationists. They know and respect the value of their land. So do we. That’s why Tessenderlo Kerley is committed to delivering products that are kind to the land, effective for crops, efficient in terms of water use, and beneficial for growers as higher quality crops generate a greater return on investment.

Please explore the Crop Vitality’s crop nutrition and NovaSource’s crop protection product lines.