TKI industrial Products

Sulfur Solutions for Industrial Applications

Whether the application is the same today as it has been for decades in the pulp and paper industry, or new technologies and environmental regulations require new ways of solving challenges in water treatment, TKI Industrial liquid solutions provide efficient options in a variety of categories.

TKI Industrial products are used in:

  • the pulp and paper business
  • water treatment and purification
  • halogen removal
  • solid waste treatment
  • the tanning industry
  • delivering alternative forms of sulfide in the production of complex sulfur products

NaHS | Sodium Hydrosulfide Solution

NaHS is used in the Kraft process (pulp & paper), the tanning industry, the speciality chemicals and reforming industry, dyes, mining, home care products, and personal care products.

Captor® | Calcium Thiosulfate Solution

Captor is a non-hazardous solution used for de-chlorination, ozone quenching and neutralizing chlorine, sodium hypobromite, and ozone in water treatment.

Captor is also NSF certified for use in drinking water.

ABS | Ammonium Bisulfite Solution

ABS is used in de-chlorination of water. It also has uses as an oxygen scavenger in the oil and gas industry, and various applications in the food industry including sugar beet processing and the caramel coloring process.

Calmet® | Calcium Polysulfide Solution

Calmet is a non-hazardous liquid used in various waste treatment applications as a metal precipitant.

Calmet is NSF certified.

Dimet™ | Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate Solution

Dimet is a metal precipitating agent used to remove metals from water/wastewater streams.