Love of Agriculture and Nature Lead Nichole to Crop Vitality™

Nichole's love for everything related to agriculture was revealed by the first word she ever spoke.

“I’ve been obsessed with agriculture literally my entire life. My first word wasn’t ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ – it was ‘horse,’” she said.

Today, Nichole is an agricultural sales specialist for Crop Vitality, Tessenderlo Kerley.

Nichole had other options, but she chose Tessenderlo Kerley for its reputation, longevity and, most importantly, the quality of its crop nutrition products.

“Growing up in agriculture, your word is everything,” Nichole said. “One thing that really drew me to Tessenderlo Kerley and their Crop Vitality division: Their products hold their own.”

Nichole doesn’t have to spin or stretch the truth when explaining to Crop Vitality’s customers what products like Thio-Sul® and KTS® can do to enhance growers’ crops and yields. In a business where your word is everything, building that trust isn’t just important – it’s mandatory.  

“My customers would say that I’m trustworthy. My word is solid. They know that when I tell them something, that’s the truth,” Nichole said. “In some small way, I love that I get to help grow the food that not only feeds the United States, but it also helps feed the world.”

Naturally, Nichole does quite a bit of traveling in her role – and it doesn’t hurt that her territory, which ranges from Nevada to Montana, is nice to look at.

“I’m very blessed that my territory is drop-dead gorgeous,” she said. “You have gorgeous scenery on a daily basis.”

Between the strong line of product offerings, and the ability to enjoy the beautiful landscape throughout her territory, Nichole is living the dream she had ever since she uttered that first word.

“It’s like a new adventure every day,” she said. “I really do enjoy it.”