Growing Crops, Growing People: Scott’s Role as a Crop Vitality Sales Manager

In his 23 years at Tessenderlo Kerley, Scott Erwine has been given numerous opportunities to grow in his career, and he’s enjoyed helping others do the same.

“I’ve been able to bring on some young people and watch them develop from an entry-level position to overseeing their own territory. It’s just fun to watch,” said Scott, Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Crop Vitality, Tessenderlo Kerley.  

Scott grew up around agriculture in western Kansas. He earned a degree in agronomy from Colorado State and worked at an agricultural retail location before joining Tessenderlo Kerley as a sales representative for Crop Vitality. He has served as a regional sales manager for five years.  

“We work as a team to support our clients and customers with agronomy support and timely deliveries,” he said. “I enjoy working with the people in the Midwest. I enjoy their characteristics and their ethics in such a strong agricultural area.” 

Scott and his team inform growers throughout the Midwest of the benefits of crop nutrition products such as KTS® and Thio-Sul®. These products play a key role in nitrification inhibition, a process that helps retain nitrogen in soil, leading to enhanced crop yields. 

“The characteristics of KTS and Thio-Sul are so important right now for nitrification inhibition and sustainable agriculture,” he said. “It’s important to deliver that message to growers in our region, and our team excels in that responsibility.” 

Scott and his team often travel solo throughout the Midwest, but they always feel connected thanks to the support they receive from each other, as well as Crop Vitality’s agronomy team and Tessenderlo Kerley’s manufacturing and customer service teams. 

“You’re never out there on your own. You’ve got the whole team behind you,” he said. “The Midwest is very competitive, but our teamwork is what helps us be successful, and our clients greatly appreciate it.” 

Just as the Crop Vitality sales team helps customers maximize their crop yields, Tessenderlo Kerley maximizes the potential of its team members. After all, People is one of Tessenderlo Kerley’s Core Values, which is why it provides opportunities to grow within their roles and advance their careers through ongoing education and certifications.  

Scott encourages that growth by helping his team members create personal and professional development plans. It’s one of his favorite things about where he works. 

“I’ve watched Tessenderlo Kerley grow over the years from the days with one of our founders, Bob Kerley, to our current management system. The opportunity has always been there to grow,” he said. “If you learn from your accounts and from your coworkers, that’s where you gain knowledge. You can grow into new positions as Tessenderlo Kerley helps you develop.”