From Entry Level to Manager: Frank’s Journey with the Supply Chain Team

Frank Rocha has advanced his career through his own pursuit of excellence and Tessenderlo Kerley’s commitment to helping its team members get to where they want to go. 

Shortly after earning his bachelor’s degree in business management, Frank Joined Tessenderlo Kerley as a Rail Operations Specialist. Through the mentorship he received and the initiative and commitment to excellence he demonstrated within the Supply Chain team, Frank became the Supply Chain Service Manager. 

“Tessenderlo Kerley has done a lot for me as I continue to grow,” he said. “I was mentored by my previous managers to include additional aspects to my job. I was able to learn more about how my role affects others. I’ve gone to different facilities and have been able to interface with different managers and supervisors. All of these things prepared me for the positions I took on.” 

Frank’s current role includes overseeing the movements of all Tessenderlo Kerley products by rail and truck to ensure customers receive them in a timely manner. Those products include crucial crop nutrition and protection for growers, as well as water treatment and other industrial solutions. 

Frank and his team work with all plants and departments across the country to ensure processes run smoothly, while constantly identifying opportunities for improvement. 

“My favorite part of my job is completing a puzzle. Everyone has a piece of it, and the goal is to join all those pieces together to ensure that we’re able to create the final picture,” he said. 

“The Supply Chain group works very well together because we’re like a family. Everyone has a different need, and it’s rewarding to see not only myself, but my team members step up to those challenges and meet them as we serve our customers.” 

Frank said every day presents a unique challenge in the Supply Chain team, and those looking for rewarding work and the opportunity to take on dynamic projects should consider applying for an open position. 

And for those looking to work at a company that harnesses the skills of its team members and helps them reach new heights, Frank knows better than anyone that Tessenderlo Kerley is the place to be. 

“I can attest that you will be given the guidance you need to grow within the organization,” he said. “I’ve seen so many examples where people who provide value to Tessenderlo Kerley have been taught other tasks and have been put in a position to harness or utilize their skills in other roles, just like I have.”