The diverse business units and services within TKI support the agriculture, mining, industrial and reclamation markets with a broad range of products and technologies around the world.


Crop Vitality

Crop Vitality 

Perfect for custom blending, the Crop Vitality line of sulfur-based liquid fertilizers, nitrogen stabilizers and soil amendment products enhance crop quality and harvest potential. Visit our Crop Vitality website for more information.




Specializing in niche agricultural markets globally, NovaSource delivers high value agricultural herbicides, fungicides, fumigants, insecticides and heat stress protection products. Visit our Novasource website for more information.


Mining & Industrial


For mining purposes, our thiosulfate solutions are non-toxic and are used as depressants, sulfidizers and reagents for metal processing. Our industrial customers use our products in water treatment and reclamation, pulp and paper, food processing, tanning and other specialty applications. Read more.




MPR Services and ECS 

Both companies have created and are operating unique processes and equipment that provide effective, efficient and economical reclamation services to the oil and gas industries. Visit our MPR and ECS websites to learn more.


S8 Engineering


Serving TKI and third-party customers. S8 Engineering designs, constructs and improves processing plants in the mining, refining, gas processing, petrochemical and chemical industries. Read more.