Tessenderlo Group is an international specialty company with a worldwide presence

A World Leader in Specialty Markets

Tessenderlo Group is an international specialty group with a global presence providing solutions for food, agriculture, water management and efficient use and re-use of natural resources. With approximately five thousand people working at more than one hundred locations across the globe, the Group is a leader in most of its markets, primarily serving customers in agriculture, industry, construction, and health and consumer goods end markets.

Care for our planet and its resources is at the heart of all our businesses because we believe that every molecule counts.

Tessenderlo Group

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Sulfur-based specialty fertilizers, sulfur derivatives, crop protection and environmental services to refineries and the mining industry (Tessenderlo Kerley)
  • Gelatin and processing of organic by-products from the meat and food industry (Gelatin & Akiolis)
  • Potassium Sulphate fertilizers and Feed Phosphates (Inorganics)
  • Production and sales of Plastic Pipes Systems
  • Water treatment products and services (Other businesses)