A Full Array of Sulfur Services

Tessenderlo Kerley is a leader in the world marketplace for sulfur recovery and processing.

Our expertise includes both the ability and the technologies to develop and operate a complete package of design and construction, financing, operating, ownership and marketing sulfur-based services that can be tailored to fit any situation.

TKI processes typically achieve sulfur recovery levels of 99.995% with on-stream factors of 99.95 to 99.99%.

Our capability also includes emissions control for sulfuric acid plants, smelters, power plants and mercaptan processing plants.

Three Decades of Success

In early 2014, Jupiter Sulphur, LLC celebrated an ongoing and successful 30-year joint venture between TKI and oil company giant Phillips 66. Jupiter Sulphur processes all sulfur at two of the oil company’s largest refineries.

Combining the expertise of two market leaders results in the highest quality sulfur processing services, where off-gasses are upgraded into value-added products.

TKI handles day-to-day operations for Jupiter Sulphur, but this unique joint venture “seconds,” or loans out, employees from the ranks of both companies. Reliability, or up time run rates, far surpasses industry standards while maintenance costs are well below those commonly reported in the industry.