TKI is Committed to Delivering the Highest Quality Products and Customer Service in Each of Our Specialty Categories


Crop nutrients. Crop protection products. Nitrification and urease inhibitors. Soil amendments and slow-release nitrogen. Fumigants, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. The entire Crop Vitality and NovaSource portfolios of products can be found here.



Heavy metal precipitants. Depressants. Catalyst regenerators. Precious metal leaching. Sulfidizers. Solutions for cyanide destruction and resin regeneration. Find these and the complete portfolio of TKI specialty mining chemicals here.



Water treatment and reclamation. Specialty chemical additives. The pulp and paper industry. Food processing. The tanning industry. You will find TKI products fulfilling applications in all of these industrial categories, and others here.


A growing world population that’s causing an ever-increasing demand for cost effective plant nutrition sources, crop protection products and water purification solutions is driving our commitment to provide the highest quality products on the market.