At Tessenderlo Kerley Inc.

Our businesses support several sectors defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be critical to the nation’s infrastructure. Our unique and highly specialized Sulphur chemistry plays a key role in supporting the following sectors:

In Food & Agriculture

Crop Vitality

Increasing the quantity and quality of the world’s food supply by delivering Sulphur-based liquid fertilizers to growers as they strive to grow nutritious crops, efficiently use land and consistently supply nutritious food.

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Provides additional security to the world’s food supply by creating crop protection products that allow growers to safeguard their crops against unwanted pests/diseases.

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In Water

Environmentally Clean Systems (ECS)

Helps protect America’s water supply by specializing in safe water management and treatment solutions that allow organizations to recycle and reuse water from a variety of industrial processes.

In Energy


Facilitates energy supply by delivering custom reclamation solutions to refineries, gas & LNG facilities, and syngas/ammonia plants to support production throughput, environmental safety and continuity.

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In Chemical

In Chemical

Tessenderlo Kerley Inc. also provides a variety of essential chemistry involved in processing:

  • Food, to provide a safe food supply
  • Pulp, for an abundant paper product supply (i.e. toilet paper)
  • Metals, for a strong structural materials supply.

Our steadfast commitment to our customers throughout these vital industries is one of our most important core values. We will always serve them to the best of our abilities as we work through the challenges we face together. We are proud to support so many essential industries and look forward to the sustainable future of specialty Sulphur solutions.

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