Over 70 Years of Sulfur Recovery Including Plant Construction and Management

At TKI, Refinery Services is where it all began. Following World War II, when four brothers from the Kerley family built one of the nation’s first sulfur recovery plants at a natural gas plant in Pecos, Texas, they didn’t realize, at that time, that they were creating an ongoing legacy of innovation and cost effective environmental stewardship.

Sulfur Recovery

TKI Refinery Services has engineered and built sulfur recovery plants at locations throughout the U.S., and is also a joint venture partner with Phillips 66 in Jupiter Sulphur, LLC, a partnership that celebrated 30 years of continuous operation in January 2014.

Our engineering and construction (E&C) expertise makes it possible to design, build and operate a plant to your specifications, or we can teach you how to operate it yourself. And our technology generates up to 99.9% recovery from combined Claus/Tail Gas Units, operating reliably with proven methods.

Water Treatment and Reclamation

The TKI business units Environmentally Clean Systems, LLC (ECS), and MPR Services, LLC, are treating wastewater at refinery locations in the U.S. and around the world.

In the U.S., ECS technology is an environmentally efficient and economical means of addressing wastewater problems where wastewater is generated in drilling. ECS tailors its variety of technologies to meet individual situations, to reduce or eliminate the use of reagents and equipment associated with chemical systems of wastewater treatment.

MPR Services is reclaiming more than 600,000 gallons of amines every day in permanent units at locations around the world. Short-term, mobile reclamation is also available.