Sulfur-based Solutions and Water Treatment for Mining Applications

Services that are tailored to your specific location, designed to solve your individual challenges.


TKI Mining specializes in sulfur chemistry for the separation and recovery of precious and base metals. Our products are often used in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) improvements at locations around the world.

Sulfur-based liquids and solutions are the key to creating many efficiencies in metals separation and higher return on investment in the mining industry. TKI Mining can deliver at any level. We will manufacture and ship the products you need to any location in the world. Or, we will design, construct and staff a facility on your mining site to manufacture products necessary for the environmentally safe and efficient recovery of gold, silver and other metals.

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Water Treatment and Reclamation

Our Environmentally Clean Systems (ECS) division provides water treatment services at industrial mining, refinery and oil and gas exploration water treatment locations.

Understanding that water availability and the costs associated with water management can be a critical part of the mining process, ECS works to manage, treat, recycle and reuse water from a wide range of processes.

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