Responding Responsibly to a World Hungry for Solutions

World population growth continues to stay on course with projections that there will be 9 billion people to feed by the year 2050, while a global technology boom in agriculture is creating efficiencies in water use and an unprecedented demand for liquid fertilizers and effective crop protection products.

Crop Vitality and NovaSource products deliver demonstrated value to growers trying to maintain financially successful enterprises on the same land that may have been in their families for generations.

Farmers are still the best stewards of the environment and the most vigilant of conservationists – because they know and respect the value their land. So do we.

That’s why TKI is committed to delivering products that are kind to the land, effective for the crop, efficient in terms of water use and beneficial for the grower when higher quality crops generate greater return on investment.

Please explore the Crop Vitality fertilizer and NovaSource crop protection product lines.

Crop Vitality Fertilizers

Continuing a commitment that began in the 1940s, today’s Crop Vitality division of TKI manufactures and distributes a portfolio of liquid fertilizers that enhances nutrient performance, optimizes fertilizer efficiency and improves crop quality – while saving water and providing outstanding value for growers of both specialty and broadacre crops.

The entire Crop Vitality product line is supported by a team of highly qualified Crop Vitality Specialists, a dependable customer service team and a national distribution network.

Crop Vitality products are manufactured at over 10 locations throughout the United States and used by thousands of growers throughout the U.S. and in regions of Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe.

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NovaSource Crop Protectants

If there is anything you can be sure of, it’s that NovaSource crop protection products work. This entire line of legacy products has a track record of delivering decades of cost effective results for growers around the world.

NovaSource products include protectants, herbicides, fumigants, insecticides and fungicides that are used in more than 40 countries, including many areas of the U.S., Canada, Central America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Some products are certified for use in organic settings. And our experienced R&D team is continually developing new labels for existing products to create even greater value for the grower.

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